Mantra Sound – the history
Mantra Sound produced its first RIAA Preamplifier back in 1972. The reason was the assumption, that the build-in RIAA Preamplifiers in commercial Preamplifiers and integrated Amplifiers had been an underestimated factor until then.

On that basis, the Mantra Sound model PH2 RIAA Preamplifier revolutionized the area for the benefit of the many vinyl enthusiasts. Since then, Mantra Sound has also produced studio grade microphone amplifiers for professional use. At the same time, work was ongoing with refining the RIAA Preamplifiers.

In the years 1995-2005, Mantra Sound and the legendary (and sadly late) Danish hi-fi guru Steen Duelund were each other’s sparring partners in the search about, what was good sound philosophy.

Behind Mantra Sound
My name is Lars Vester Petersen, and trained as an electronic repairman at the well known Danish company Radiometer. Through 25 years I have taught electronics at various educational institutions in Copenhagen.

Since my youth, I have been deeply engaged in high-end audio. In the late 1960s I made sound recordings with the jazz pianist Abdullah Ibrahim. My experience was that the sound recording from my tape recorder sounded significantly better than the released record of the same music. Here it came to me how important it is with a good RIAA Preamplifier.